Ian Scott


Ian has been painting his entire life. He first started to see it as his calling and career path in high school. he went on to study fine art at Brigham Young University-Idaho where he fell in love with landscape painting especially the Teton mountains nearby, From there he took his desire to revive the romantic style of 19th century American landscape painters to study at the “Beux-Arts Academy” in Utah, where spent several years developing and refining his skills in classical art technique.


The artistic process usually starts with a hike, ski or bike ride to a worthy view, were sketches and smaller paintings are done on site. In the studio, the sketches and emotion of the landscape are translated into larger paintings. Ian’s goal is not to create a perfect likeness of the location, rather to communicate the higher truth of the spirit and feeling of the place.


His inspiration comes from the surrounding landscape as well as the philosophies and techniques of the Hudson River School of artist, particularly those who painted out west, such as Thomas Moran and Albert Bierstadt. Ian’s vision is to revive the classical landscape movement with a modern insight of preservation ethics and reverence for wild spaces.