Cynthia Kroener


A Northern California artist whose main residence is in Davis, Ca. Cynthia also spends a lot of time at her second home in the Lake Tahoe area.  When not in one of her two studios, she is often travelling the world, on foot, or sailing, a passion she shares with her husband, Roy. Cynthia has a long background in the arts over the past 24 years. From running an art gallery on the island of Ibiza, Spain in the 70’s, to partnering in a wholesale ceramic business in California during the 1980’s, to finally landing in the painting world in the 1990’s.


Working with the play of line and color, her interest in creating a personal sense of place on canvas that others can relate to is a driving source of her art.  While her favorite medium is acrylic,

Cynthia also incorporates other water mediums as well as collage

In her work. Described by some as a “colorist”, with a “fauvist touch,” she says

Her work strives to capture unique visions of the landscape and

World outside of the ordinary.