North Tahoe Arts is in an historical building located on the shore of Lake Tahoe in Tahoe City. The Art Center contains two galleries with exhibits that change monthly. North Tahoe Arts members are encouraged to enter their artwork in the various themed exhibits held throughout the year.


Main Gallery: June 30 - Aug 3

"All in the Details," watercolors by Lisa Jefferson.

Lisa Jefferson's paintings have been inspired by the natural beauty and light of the areas where she has lived: Colorado, Lake Tahoe, and Lake Superior. Transparent qualities in watercolor allow her work to explore not only the visual qualities of water, but the nature of crystal and glass, backlit flowers and foliage. Working in a larger format with saturated color satisfies her affinity for rich hues and strong values and often leads to blooms and drips of paint giving texture to paintings that might otherwise lose freshness.


Corison Loft: June 30 - Aug 3

"Abstract Realities" mixed media paintings by Tricia Poulos Leonard & Connie Rodriguez.

Tricia Poulos Leonard, a Reno, Nevada resident, has been a full-time artist since retiring in 2007. Her most recent work represents an abstract style that displays her innermost emotions, hoping to reach the viewer through a deep understanding of subconscious directions. Many of her paintings reference jazz in their subject matter or title. Leonard feels abstracts are a visual representation of the abstract quality of music. Her work expresses all emotions, from pure joy with life to dark moments.

Connie S. Rodriguez is an abstract and expressionistic artist using Acrylic and mixed media. She shows and sells her art throughout the Western States. Connie begins a piece as an abstract, using for a background; color, shape and patterns. When an image begins to appear in her mind's eye it begins to tell a story and she follow s this thread until it feels complete.


Upcoming Events

Main Gallery: Aug. 4 - Aug. 31

Kate Kerrigan

Corison Loft: Aug. 4 - Aug. 31

Seth Johnson


Phone: 530-581-2787   ◊   P.O. Box 6354   ◊   380 North Lake Blvd, Tahoe City, CA 96145